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Some Facts about the Land and Resources of China
From: Date: 2007-10-16


China boasts 9.6 million Km of land area, while arable land only accounts for 14% of the total; on per capita basis, it is less than half of the world average.

There is about 30% of cultivated land affected by soil erosion at varying degree while cultivated ;and reserve is insufficient.

China's cultivated land is dwindling owing to construction recently, leading to a serious contradiction between land and population.

The value of the known mineral reserve ranks the third in the world while the amount on per capita basis is less than half of the world average. This problem is especially serious for such major resources as oil, natural gas, copper and iron.

China enjoys about 3 million Km "blue territory" surrounded by long and winding coastline and dotted with many islands.

Although the marine resources is abundant in volume, its exploration and developments is far from satisfactory.

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