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VII. Land and ResourceS Management
From: Date: 2007-10-11

The basic idea for the eleventh five-year plan of land and resources has been worked out. Amendment and formulation of the overall plan of land use were further deepened. The pilot work for amending and formulating 12 county-level, 14 municipal (prefecture)-level and 2 provincial-level overall plans was undertaken in an orderly way. Amendment and formulation of 11 special-subject researches under the framework of the national overall plan of land use were completed basically. Implementation and evaluation of the provincial-level overall plan of land use were completed basically. The mineral resources planning system was improved constantly. The state-level, provincial-level and municipal (county)-level mineral resources planning systems took shape basically. Municipal- and county-level mineral resources plans were completed basically. A total of 343 prefecture-level municipalities and 1,248 counties (districts) formulated their mineral resources plans. The national plan for prevention and control of geological hazards was approved by the State Council and put into effect. Formulation of the national geological work plan proceeded smoothly. The MLR organized and formulated the ¡°Special Plan of Mineral Exploration in the Old Industrial Bases in Northeast China¡±. Pilot work for land planning proceeded constantly. Pilot work for land planning in Tianjin and Shenzhen was completed basically and that in Xinjiang, Liaoning and Guangdong was carried out progressively.

Development and utilization of land and resources were pressed forward in the western region. 230 million yuan (~US$ 27.788 million) of exploration/mining royalties of minerals such as oil and gas (including coal bed gas) in the western region were exempted. Provinces in the western region were authorized to transfer the mining right in their mineral occurrences or prospects explored with government investment, whereby their financial revenue increased by 600 million yuan (~US$ 72.490 million). Formalities for key projects such as the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, transmitting natural gas from the west to the east and south-to-north water diversion projects were gone through without delay, insuring their timely land use and smooth construction. 213 projects for land development and consolidation were implemented with 1.455 billion yuan (~US$ 175.788 million) of investment, 101,400 hectares of land for construction and 26,600 hectares of added cultivated land. A fund of 160 million yuan (~US$ 19.331 million) was invested in projects for environmental rehabilitation and improvement of mines and the protection of sites of national geological importance. 725 geological survey projects were launched, involving an expenditure of 654 million yuan (~US$ 79.014 million), of which 527 projects were for land and resources survey with an expenditure of 388 million yuan (~US$ 46.877 million) and 198 projects for mineral resources compensation fees with 266 million yuan (~US$ 32.137 million) from which the government retained a portion of fees. 20 exploration rights for on-land oil and gas with an area of 60,700km2 were approved, making up 67% and 77% of the total of China, respectively. 7 mining rights for oil and gas with an area of 1,300km2 were approved, making up 78% and 97% of the total of China, respectively.

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