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I. Land Resources
From: Date: 2007-10-11
According to the results of the land-use alteration survey, in 2006 China had 121.7759 million hectares of cultivated land, 11.8182 million hectares of garden land, 236.1213 million hectares of forestland, 261.9320 million hectares of pastureland, 25.5410 million hectares of land for other agricultural use, 26.3545 million hectares of land for residential and industrial/mining sites, 2.3952 million hectares of land for transport and communications and 3.6152 million hectares of land for water conservancy facilities. The rest was unused land. By comparison with 2005, the cultivated land in 2006 declined by 0.25%, the garden land rose 2.33%, the forestland increased 0.16%, the pastureland dropped 0.08%, the land for residential and industrial/mining sites went up 1.30%, the land for transport and communications grew 3.76%, and the land for water conservancy facilities was up 0.46%. The net area of reduced cultivated land in China in 2006 amounted to 307,000 hectares. A total of 259,000 hectares of cultivated land were used for construction, 36,000 hectares were destroyed by natural hazards, 339,000 hectares were turned into ecological preservation land and 40,000 hectares were reduced due to agricultural restructuring. The area of reduced cultivated land in the above-mentioned four items totaled 674,000 hectares. However, 306,700 hectares of cultivated land were newly added by land consolidation, reclamation and development in the same period, being 42.0% over the cultivated land occupied by construction. The newly added land for construction in 2006 totaled 329,000 hectares, of which 146,000 hectares were used for industrial and mining purposes, 74,000 hectares were for urban construction, 30,000 hectares for rural construction, and 79,000 hectares for communications, water conservancy and other infrastructures. Strong support was given for raising agricultural productivity. Comprehensive plans were made for the establishment of capital farmland protection demonstration areas and the construction of 116 national-class demonstration areas was launched, covering a land area of 8.8667 million hectares. Efforts were intensified to conduct land development and consolidation: the state planned to launch 563 investment projects with a construction area of 464,000 hectares, 69,600 hectares of cultivated land were planned to be newly increased and the total investment would be 24.76 billion yuan (~US$3.25 billion). The Method of Examining the Balance Between Occupation and Addition of Farmland was set forth and the quantity, quality and funds of added farmland of construction enterprises were examined comprehensively. The experience in regolith removal was summarized and popularized and the farmland soil removal project was implemented. The reform of the system for land expropriation and requisition continued, which will effectively safeguard the rights and interests of farmers whose land is requisitioned. Land administration is always in the service of economic development. The newly increased land for construction approved for supply in 2006 reached 404,300 hectares, an increase of 15.3% over the previous year. Of these 122,800 hectares were approved by the State Council and 281,500 hectares by provincial governments. Among the land approved by the State Council, the land used for construction at separate selected sites and urgently needed key construction projects accounted for 83.7%. The system of land market was further improved and the land for industrial uses was included in the scope of land granted through bidding, auction and listing. The area and price value of granted land increased markedly. The area of granted land throughout China in 2006 was 232,500 hectares, valued at 767.689 billion yuan (~US$100.74 billion), an increase of 40.4% of the area and 30.5% of the value over the previous year respectively. Of these, the area of land granted by public bidding, auction and listing was 66,500 hectares, valued at 549.209 billion yuan (~US$72.07 billion), an increase of 16.3% and 30.9% respectively.
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